In the entire history of mankind, Iran stands out as a country with an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage.


Within the Arabian world; Indian, Turkish and European, Iran is a true melting pot of peoples and traditions and yet still manages to maintain and conserve its formal independence.


“Land of Aryians”, long baptized “Persia” by western cultures; it has survived numerous invasions during its long history. These invasions have left traces of architectural, religious and literary influence. Iran is a complex civilization that has always been able to conserve its original identity; continually reviving its language, culture and an autonomous political structure.


The menu of voyages that you hold in your hands will already allow you to plunge straight to the heart of a complex and distinguished nation where the spirits of Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great and Genghis Khan are never far away. Here, you will find history not only engraved in archeological treasures but alive and living in the eyes of a proud and gentle people.


Here is an invitation, to discover and to experience with every one of the senses; to be stirred into a unique unity with the land and people of an exceptional nation of mystery and comprehensive appeal.  This is a country of a thousand facets that shimmer into a magical alchemy of nature, history, culture, art and poetry.


A smile; an out-stretched hand, held in invitation to the traveler to share in the richness of traditional festivals, to be charmed by the music of unusual accents and to taste the pleasures of  refined and exotic culinary delights.


A stunning voyage into a world where one’s desire, as it must have been in the time of the Grand Tours of the last century, would be to immortalize the experience into a ‘carnet de voyages’, full of annotations, thoughts, sketches and souvenirs, carefully tucked into pages to become precious memories that will forever implore the soul, hopefully to return again one day…



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