Iran: Scented with Poetry and History





Happy are the travellers who are fortunate enough to have already discovered the delights of Iran. A paradox of epoch and history, in its culture, sense of  humanity and natural beauty, it remains one of the richest histories in the world. And yet,… from Alexander the Great to the great artists and Orientalists of the 20th century, including Chardin or Tavernier, Iran has always fascinated people, throughout the ages. The richness of our unique and inspired itineraries will surprise and seduce you and lead you to experience a myriad of wonders on each day of your trip.



The historical heritage of Iran is vast: 9000 years of civilization, thousands of historic sites – famous monuments or hidden treasures – an incredible diversity of landscapes, the most magnificent arts and crafts…They must be seen to be believed. Out routes are carefully chosen for you and your guides are knowledgeable and passionate, eager to enrich your experience, every step of the way. RediscoverIran comprises of a network of experts, each one unique in his knowledge and stories. They will help bring the past to life, open your horizons and bring the things you will see into sharper relief.



Iran is not just a museum but a living heritage : the poetry of Hâfez has survived throughout the ages for its art of thinking and spirit of compassion. For six centuries this mysticism has been nourishing Iranian culture and can bee seen in the living beauty of the music, poetry and calligraphy. All this is awaiting discovery; this Iran, invisible from its streets, but alive within its walls, its people inviting you in, welcoming you in your journey.



Each person on the RediscoverIran team has a deep connection to Iran : we love Iran and would like you to love it too. We are committed to creating responsible tourism that benefits not only the traveller but also the country. These are our commitments:


  • Fair pricing: - we work directly with Iranian service providers without middle-men
  • Competitive pricing: - Instead of 10-15 participants, we organize Guided Tours for a minimum of 5 people. For all other types or tour, our tariffs start from a minimum of 2 people.
  • Ethical pricing: - we pay our guides and partners in Iran in accordance with local tariffs, respecting the country’s ecotourism and culture with the aim of contributing to the further development of surrounding regions.


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